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The Refresher

50 min / $100 
80 min / $135

Personalized Swedish massage that encourages entire body relaxation

Benefits: restores calm to the mind and body, increases circulation, releases toxins, and promotes deep relaxation 


The Reboot

50 min / $100 
80 min / $135

Deep tissue massage that focuses on specific areas of muscle tension

Benefits: increases flexibility, provides relief for sore muscles, restores mobility


The Wellness

50 min / $100 
80 min / $135

Firm Swedish strokes combined with the deeper, slow strokes of deep tissue to create a focused yet balanced massage 

Benefits: increases circulation and flexibility, relieves stress, rejuvenating


The Nurture

50 min / $140 
80 min / $200

Prenatal massage for expectant mothers 12+ weeks

Benefits: relieves tension, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes deep relaxation for mind, body, and baby



+ $10

Recovery balm 


Scalp revival 


** Costs reflect “house call” pricing